Nicola Stowe from Australia. Learning, teaching and supporting others

Nicola Stowe from Australia. Learning, teaching and supporting others

I worked as a Braille proof-reader for almost 17 years. In the last few I taught the support teachers Braille. I completed a bachelor of adult Education and then completed a bachelor of Ministry. I worked for three years as an aged care chaplain and then became redundant.

Since 2018 I have been working with my new Church as a volunteer – reading Scripture when required on Sundays, praying with others and facilitating small groups. My church has a yearly art installation and I either make something from modelling clay to submit or other times I write a piece that fits with the theme for that year.

This year I have started helping out with Blind citizens Australia’s Women’s branch. I help run their book club and enjoy lively discussions on the book for that month.

I also enjoy speaking to groups who want to find out about what it is like to be deafblind when I get the opportunity.

I have bone-anchored hearing aids that help me and so I support family and friends by phone when they just want a chat, a laugh or a cry. I love spending time with others and watching them grow into their full potential and love helping them to meet their challenges of life head-on.For my next project I want to make cards for others as a gift.

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